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No 2

Painted from a sketch made at Edgbaston, Wheoley's old House in the distance. Horses in the foreground: Painted with the same materials and precisely in the same manner as No.1  

 January 1st 1830

February 4th 1831.

Altered this picture considerably. Painted in a new sky & distance with Copal and Turpentine, and the picture is much strengthened and altogether improved.

Varnished with my own Mastic

March 25th 1831 and sent to London for Somerset House the following day. 

Sent to Manchester July 22/ 1832

Returned with Nos 9 and 20

Sent to Mr. Paternoster in exchange for books.

Photo Credit: John Noott Galleries


No 3

March 19th 1830.

Canvased prepared by myself.

Commenced from a sketch of

Mr W. Tibbatt's farmyard but altered during the course of painting considerably, the Oak tree remaining is still the principal mass, a Birch Tree introduced on the left, converts it into a lane in which Cows are walking leisurely  

Size 13in x 19in.

The sky painted with oil and Turpentine is Prussian Blue, the landscape is painted with the two Megilps principally with the White .

Varnished  October 1830 with Salt's Copal. Sold to John Wilkins Engraver of Nottingham £5 


No 4

"Cader Idris, North Wales" Exhibiting at Birmingham.

Size 29in x 19 1/4in 

Canvas prepared by myself with White mixed with Linseed Oil and Turpentine and a little Quick Goldsize.

The Sky was first painted (P. Blue) and them with Giachimo's Ultramarine £2 .10. 0 with Linseed Oil and Turpentine, afterwards at the Crescent with the same Ultramarine with Copal & Turpentine; the distance was altered a little at the same time; the distant woods and valley were painted with the white meguilp, sometimes however more sugar of lead was used & the foreground in the same manner with the addition of the dark meguilp.  

October  1830


No 5

"In the Vale of Llanillid"

This was painted in the same manner and with the same materials as No. 4.

Exhibited at Birmingham 1830.

Size 13in x 19in.

Sold to John Reynolds Esq.

of Smethwick 5 guineas, April 12th 1831

Varnished afterwards with my own mastic


No 6

Landscape with cattle

Size 29in x 19 1/4in 

Painted  1830

Painted with Giachimo's Ultra-marine 

£2.10. 0.  Linseed Oil and Turpentine, the distance was glazed with white meguilp in finishing, the other parts were painted as most of my picture are with both meguilps.

Exhibited at Birmingham 1830

Varnished July 19. 1831

with my own Mastic

July 25th sent to Manchester, Dec 17th

returned with Nos 12 and 10


No 7

Virgils Grove Leasowes

Size 13in x 19in

Painted in the same way as my last mentioned.

Canvas prepared with White mixed with Oil and Turpentine as were Nos 5 and 6. 

Exhibited at Birmingham and sold to 

Miss Phipson 7 guineas October 1830

Varnished with my own Mastic November 1830


No 8

Bridge near the Mawddach Falls

Canvas prepared by myself.

Sky painted with P. Blue Linseed Oil and Turpentine, the other parts as usual.

This has now been painted several months

Size 13in x 19in 

October 1830

Sold to Mr. Parkes  Jan 1831 5 guineas

Previous to parting with this the sky

was scrumbled with ultra marine and the remaining part of the painting was entirely glazed over. 

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