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No 23

Painted from a sketch of a place called Westminster, near Frankley Chapel

Size 29in x 19 1/4in

The sky has a scanty portion of Ultramarine washed or thinly laid on.

The Elm Trees on the left are the best part of the Picture; they are indeed all that is interesting in the scene. The cows nearly in the front, and the horses farther in the water add too little to the interest of the piece.

February 21st 1832

Mr Jonathan Lee had this picture in exchange for Pistols and Prints March 1833


No 24

 From a sketch made in the Valley above Llanillid.

On the left of the Picture are gently sloping woody hills, in the centre the River Mawddach and on the right side are Oak Trees. The Sky is painted with Ultramarine (Argone's) the other part as usual.

Size 29in x 19 1/4in

March 27th 

Exhibited at Birmingham 1832 

'Scene on the Mawddach - Evening'

Varnished with my own mastic        April 9th 1833 

Sent to Leeds April 22 with Nos 30,36 and 44 and returned alone early in September.

Sold to Mr. J. White August 1847


Within the last half - year or thereabouts I have painted several little pictures in giving lessons. Two upright ones before J. Banks, the first from an old sepia drawing made at Mr. Barkers; and the second from J.V.B's Pollard Willows, both on absorbent Canvas 10in by 12in. The first of these Morris* has.

Three others have been painted before Miss Simms, 9in by 13in on Twilled Canvas.

The first is Hagley Park (sold for £1), the second, the White Poplars of J.V.B. are introduced (sold at Leamington £1.10s) and the third is Windermere**: these are still in my possession. March 27th 1832.

*The second he now has. Morris paid 2 Guineas for the pair April 27th 1832.

** Parkes has this (2 Guineas)  

No 25

An upright picture from a sketch made at Weston Hall near Bulkington  

Size 30in x 25in

April 24th 1832. Exhibited Birmingham 1832 with Scene from Weston in Arden. 

Sold to Mr. A. Kenrick Jnr. 20 guineas including frame worth 5 guineas.

Varnished with my mastic December 17th 1832.



No 26

A view in the Valley of Llanillid, about 2 1/2miles above the village on the River Mawddach. It is an open scene, there being no trees in the foreground

Size 13in x 19in

May 18th 1832

Exhibited at Birmingham 1832 under the title of a 'View on the road to Trawsfynydd near Dolgelly.


March 30th 1833.

Have been painting on this Picture within these few days taking black from the middle and have today varnished it with Mastic before these touches were dry.

Sold to Mr. J. White August 1847



No 27

A copy of No 16

Prussian Blue is used throughout the Picture.

Size 18in x 24in

Painted by commission for Parkes who has since sold it .

Exchanged for frames 7 guineas



No 28

A view in the Leasowes  Virgil's Grove

An upright Picture strong in Colour, or rather deep in tone: a close, thick woody scene.

Size 14in x 18in

July 1832

Exhibited at Birmingham

"Virgil's Grove Leasowes"

Sold to Mr Joseph Walker

12 guineas with frame



No 29

Another View of the Leasowes and companion to No 28.

The same piece of water as No 7. This is a view looking down the pool and that (No 7) looking up.

I cannot think it so good as No 28. It is meagre in consequence of having sky at the back of the trees, instead of continued wood.

Size 14in x 18in

July 23rd 1832

Exhibited at Birmingham

"View from Virgil's Grove"

Sold to Mr. Bennet Dudley

12 guineas including frame.

Varnished with my mastic Dec. 15th 1832


No 30

From a sketch made near Pont aber Glaslyn, during my second walk through Wales 1832

Size 13in x 19in

August 25th 1832

Painted on this and sent it to Leeds with Nos 24, 36 and 44 April 22 1833

Sold at Leeds in a bad frame for 9 guineas 


No 31

Painted before Miss Eliza Townsend from a sketch made on the Park Farm some years ago, looking towards Kings Norton. Having painted on this in my room it is now a tolerable little Picture

Size 10in x 15in

August 25th 1832

Varnished Mastic  July 1833. This I think went into the hands of Mr. Jonathan Lee of Cheltenham.



No 32

Painted before Miss Anna Townshend.

An upright picture from a sketch 

borrowed from a collection of Irish views.

'Tis a rocky Scene with a rough River'

Having repainted the sky Ultramarine Oil and Turpentine and corrected other parts it is now a decent little Picture 

Size 10in x 12in

October 5th 1832

F.H. Henshaw now has this June 1833


Photo Credit: Birmingham Museums Trust


No 33

An upright picture before Miss Simms.

This is a  moonlight, the first I have painted for myself. It is a view of Black Castle on the coast of Ireland 

Size 10in x 12in

October 5th 1832

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes 


Bala Lake.jpg

No 34

In this picture the trees of No 23 are used: the hills at the back of these trees have been painted from a recollection of a scene on the northern side of  Bala Lake which I saw in 1826

Size 13in x 19in

October 22nd 1832 

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes 5 guineas. This passed into the hands of Mr. Jonathan Lee of Cheltenham

Photo Credit: Private Collection 


Goldings Young & Thomas Mawer 

22nd November 2018

Lot 3090

oil on canvas, 31.5cm x 47cm

Sold £52 incl premium


No 35

From a sketch of rocks and rough river made in June last on the Wnrion,            5 miles from Dolgelly on the road to Bala.

There is only a glimpse of Sky on the left hand; the canvas being filled with trees , rock and water.

Materials used. Thorneleys White (Raw 1/- lb) nearly throughout the Picture with extra quantity of Oil and sugar of lead. In the darker parts the Brown Meguilp was used 

Size 13in x 18in

November 20th 1832 

Painted over this in 1837. See No 109


No 36

View of Llanillid Bridge looking down the valley

Materials used; Linseed Oil and Turpentine and Meguilp.

Mastic Varnished April 9 1833

Sent to Leeds April 22

 Sold 4 guineas including frame.

Size 9in x 13in



No 37

From a sketch made near Valle Crucis Abbey. 

Size 8in x 12in

A river is substituted for a green field, which alteration converts it into a tolerable subject.

Painted in the same manner as No 35. Both were painted before Miss Fanny Sheppard November 20th 1832

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £1.10s

October 5th 1833


No 38

A faithful portrait of the fall at the foot of the Venus pool and the top of Virgil's Grove, Leasowes.

On twilled canvas

Painted before Miss Phipson

4 guineas without frame.

Size 10in x 12in

December 4th 1832.

I have now glazed this picture, enlarged the fall, and put in deeper shadows above the weir on the right side of the picture. August 22nd 1834  

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