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No 72

Painted before the Rev. Mr Boissier in my room at Leamington. From a sketch near Guy's Cliff.

The time chosen being near sun-set, the general tone of the picture is rather warm.

Size 12in x 10in

Painted January 1st 1835

Sent to the British Institution with Nos 67 an 71

Jan 7th 1835. Returned from the British Gallery. May 5th Sent to Glasgow with Nos 84, 85 and 86, July 12th 1835. Sent to Leeds with Nos 80, 85,88, April 7th 1836.

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £2.10s 



No 73

From a sketch on the Turnpike road near Stratford-on-Avon. It is painted over another subject which rather tells now, through the sky

Size 19in x 13in

Exchanged for another picture, December 1834, Mr. E. Parkes.



No 74

Scene on the Conway near Llanswst.  

Painted on canvas prepared by myself with Indian Red and White.

The Sky and distant hill were painted on many times.

In the sky a little nut oil and Turps was used, in the distant meguilp a little earlier than usual.

Size 29 1/4in x 19 1/2in

Sent to the British Institution with 67 and 72, Jan 7th 1835.

Sold 18 guineas including frame to Sir Hubert Taylor.



No 75

From sketches made near Pont-Aberglaslyn.

This picture is very like No. 40 being painted from the same sketches; the principal difference is from the light on the subject being revised.

Size 13in x 9in

February  1835

Sold 5 guineas with frame to Mr. John O'Halloran. In the possession of the Rev Mr. Smith 1847



No 76

Water-mill at Guy's Cliff

Sky, Ultra, Turps.

The left side did not dry firmly, the surface of the parts most loaded have become now much wrinkled

Size 13in x 9in

Sold to Mr. Hewett March 1835

Photo Credit: Lawrences Auctioneers

Below is a watercolour drawing of the same scene Saxon Mill.

Watercolour on paper

Size: 150mm x 220mm

Photo Credit: Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum



No 77

Lane scene sketched on my return on one of my walks to Ryton. 

The sky is palish blue on grey, the landscape darker than I could wish.

Size 19in x 13in

April 1835

Sent to Worcester with Nos 80 and 81

May 5th 1835

Given to my brother William 



No 78

Commenced before Dr. Stanton, has been taken up at divers times since and finished.

Scene near Caernavon looking towards Llanberris and Snowdon

Size 19in x 13in

April 9th 1835

Sent to Manchester Exhibited with Nos 55, 91 and 95 July 30th 1836

Sold at Manchester 5 guineas including frame. 



No 79

From a sketch by J.G.Jackson in Norway.

Size 9in x 13in

Sold 5 guineas including frame  to   Miss Pringle

April 1835


No 80, sent to Leeds with Nos 72, 85, 88. April 7th 1836

In the possession of the Rev. Mr. Smith

in 1847


No 80

From a sketch made in the Valley of Llanillid on the River Mawddach in 1832

The sun is low, illuminating only the upper part of the wooded hill on the right of the Picture and group of cattle on the left.

Size 29 1/4in x 19 1/2in

April 25th 1835

Sent to Worcester with Nos 77 and 81

May 5th 1835

Exhibited at Birmingham in the Autumn of last year. I have painted on and toned it, to remove a heavy slaty grey  which prevailed and trust the picture is much improved.

Feb 9th  1836.

Canvas prepared by myself most likely  three years ago.

Sold at Leeds 20 guineas 1836 

Photo Credit: Dreweatts Auctions Donnington Priory


No 81

From a sketch taken on the wooden bridge across the Avon near the village of Stoneleigh 

Size 19in x 13in

Painted April 25th 1835

Sent to Worcester with Nos 77 & 80

May 5th 1835.

Sold at Worcester 10 guineas including frame.


PA-F07236-0029 2.jpg No 82.jpg

Digital Image by courtesy of The Paul Mellon  Centre

No 82

On Canvas prepared with c---: white and Indian Red.

From a sketch made between Llanswst and Conway in what might appropriately be called the Vale of the Conway; the River of that name winding through the whole of it.

This picture was commenced at Harborne nearly three years ago but is entirely repainted. 

May 22nd 1835.

Size 24in x 16in

Sent to Manchester with No 47 July 31st/35.

Sold at Manchester, £13.10s with frame. 

Exhibited, Richard Green, 'British Landscape Paintings' 1978 (22)

Provenance, Anon Sale Christie's 13th May 1977 Lot 37


No 83

From a sketch on grey paper made in August last of a wood-walk near Miss Walker's, Newbold Comyn, Leamington 

Size 19in x 13in

May 23rd 1835

Sent to Birmingham with No 87

August 14th/35.

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £5.


No 84

From a sketch near the Mill at Hampstead of a group of sycamores and outbuildings.

Size 30in x 25in

June 22nd 1835

Sent to Glasgow July 12th 1835

with Nos 72, 85 and 86.

Sold at Glasgow 20 guineas including frame


No 85

From a sketch made in 1833 on the bank of the Leam.

Sky Ultra: very thinly painted canvas scarcely hidden

Size 12in x 10in

 June 27th 1835

Sent to Glasgow with Nos 72, 84 & 86 July 12th.

I have painted thinly on this within the last few days, giving some parts more atmosphere, in others more colour, Feb 9th 1836

Sent to Leeds with Nos 72, 80, 88, April 7th 1836.

Sold at Leeds 5 guineas 1836 


No 86

From a sketch made at Amalfi near Naples by Mr Page. Painted in the Autumn of last year, now in my hands for alteration.

Size 18in x 13in

July 9th 1835

Sent to Glasgow with Nos 72, 84,& 85.

July 12th 1835

Sold to Mr. Hewett price 5 guineas


No 87

Composed from sketches in this neighbourhood (Leamington)

The trees in the foreground were obtained in the Holly Walk. The distant views of Warwick from an elevated piece of ground on the field-way from Stoneleigh

Size 30in x 25in

August 14th 1835

Sent to Birmingham with No 83.

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £14.

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