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No 39

From a sketch of the little Pit in the Burnt-house meadow, Harborne.

3 cows are standing in the water and one on the bank. Sky Ultramarine with Copal and Turpentine, other parts Brown Meguilp

On twilled canvas

Size 13in x 19in

January 31st 1833

Sold to the Rev. Chancellor Law 9 guineas including frame April 15th 1833


No 40

From a sketch near Pont Aber-glaslyn the same which is used for the left side of      No 30

Canvas prepared by myself with Corn White and Indian Red, used with a good quantity of Oil, dryed with Sugar of Lead. Sky Ultramarine, Ashes 10/- principally. White mixed with Copal & Turpentine and a little Nut Oil added.

Distant wooded hill, White Meguilp, Rocks and Trees nearer are painted with the Brown Meguilp.

Size 18in x 24in

February 16th 1833.

Exchanged for frames with Mr. J.B. Robinson.

I valued this picture at 10 guineas without frame


No 41

Size 14in x 15 1/2in

Painted on mahogany from a sketch made in the Leasowes of part of the South side of Virgil's Grove taken from within the Grove, consequently thick and close with little sky which is Ultramarine, Dark Meguilp used throughout.. 

March 2nd 1833.This is an upright picture sent to Manchester with No 48 May 25th 1833. Returned Dec 24th

Varnished with my own mastic with a little Nut Oil             Jan 3rd 1834

Sold to Mr. Jos Walker 12 guineas including frame value        3 guineas Feb 1st 1834  


No 42

An upright picture on twilled canvas 

painted before Miss Fanny Sheppard. This is very like  one painted earlier from Mr Barber's pollard willow, an Ash tree is substituted for the willow and the accompaniments put in from recollection.

Sky, Prussian Blue, White ground in Nut - Oil in good quantity and mixed with Copal and Turpentine.  

Size 14in x 15 1/2in

March 2nd 1833

The sky of this repainted with Ultramarine, what vehicle cannot tell, but remember it dryed slowly. June 1833.

Varnished, my mastic July 27 1833

October 5th 1833 Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £2-10s


No 43

Upright. Canvas prepared by myself.

This is the subject of No. 10 and was at first painted on the spot; it is now completely re-painted.

Sky is Argone's Ultramarine 20/- worth a small quantity of Copal and Turp. The trees are painted with meguilp without glazing

April 4th 1833.

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition  August 1834

Inserted a boy fishing, June 1859 at the request of its owner Miss. A. Atty

Photo Credit: Dove Cottage and the Wordsworth Museum


No 44

Distant View of Caernarvon from a sketch made in 1832. Painted before Miss Simms. Twilled canvas.

The horizon is high in the Picture, the sun has nearly set but is not in the Picture.

Varnished, my Mastic.  April 9th 1833

Sent to Leeds with Nos 24, 30 & 36. April 22nd 1833.

Sold 4 guineas including frame.


No. 45.jpg

Photo Credit Private Collection

No 45

Holloway, near Halesowen.

Sketch made Sept. 4th 1832

Canvas prepared by myself with Indian Red and white, Linseed, used freely

Size 13in x 19in

The effect is Evening, the light coming in from the right of the beholder. A man on horseback is driving several cows down the lane which is rocky particularly on the left.

Sky Ultramarine, Copal & Turpentine, Landscape Meguilp.

Sold to E. Parkes . 7 guineas April 19th 1833.

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition August 16th 1834

I have made a watercolour drawing of this with little variation about 14in by 10in. 

April 24. 1836

Drover No 45.jpg


No 46

Canvas prepared with that of No. 45. From a sketch made in June 1832 on the River 4 or 5 miles from Dolgelly towards the Waterfalls Cain and Mawddach. 

The Sky, which is rather warm in the lights is painted with Ultra 20/- worth, Copal and Turpentine, other parts the old Brown Meguilp.

Painted May 7 th 1833. Sent to Manchester with No. 41. May 25th 1833. Previous to sending this I observed the sky was cracking on the left side over the light cloud. The part cracked was dim, while the other parts of the sky slightly shone. This I couldn't account for, it is probable the copal was not properly mixed with the white and that the quantity was greatest in this particular part - but then why was it dim?* It puzzled me and annoyed me. This is the first part of my own colour I have seen cracked, except where it has been varnished withCopal.

Sold in the Manchester Exhibition Mr. R. Titley, £9 including frame. December 18th 1833.

*The quantity of Copal was probably greatest in those parts which shone and that in drying they contracted, this power of contraction the dim parts were unable to resist and therefore cracked.    August 1st 1839      


No 47

Stoneleigh Bridge from a sketch made 

April 16th while the trees were bare, excepting of ivy. The canvas is mainly filled with trees, principally  oak which overhang the river.

The Sky is Ultramarine, with Copal and Turpentine both courses, Landscape altogether is painted with Brown Meguilp.

Size 22in x 16 3/4in

On canvas

Painted June 25th 1833

Sent to London with No. 50 for the British Institution January 6th 1834. Returned the begining of May. 

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition August 16th 1834. Varnished with Mastic July 30th 1835 and sent to Manchester with No. 82 next day. Sent to Worcester with No. 93 June 16th /36.

Took off the varnish and varnished again with mastic July 31st 1839.

Mr. James White  in exchange May 1850


No 48

From a sketch of a scene at Hamstead a little above the Mill.

The light comes in on the right over a group of trees principally Ash which overhangs the River, on the left are several cows in the water, at the back of them is meadow land and distant trees.

Sky two first paintings, Ultramarine with Copal and Turp, afterwards Ultra with Nut - Oil and Turp other parts Meguilp.

Painted August 15th 1833

Size: 16in x 24in

Sent to Leeds with No. 49 and 59

May 14th 1834

Sold 14 guineas including frame 


No 49

A view of little Malvern Church from a sketch by Miss Byerley of Stratford on Avon.

Sky is Prussian Blue the white was mixed with brown meguilp and Turpentine

Painted December 18th 1833.

Size: 9in x 13in 

Sent to Leeds with Nos 48, and 59

May 14th 1834

Sold 4 Guineas with frame.


No 50

A view on the Holyhead Road

3 or 4 miles from Corwen, looking towards that place.

Ultramarine with a little Copal and Nut Oil I believe was used in the sky, other parts brown meguilp.

This is the first picture I painted at Leamington

Dec: 18. 1833

Size: 13in x 19in 

Sent to London with No 47 for the British Institution Jan 6. 1834 

Sold at the British Inst; £10 including frame


No 51

An upright Picture View.

Cader Idris from the Vale of Llanillid, half the sketch only was used.

This was painted in Birmingham before Mr E. J. Maude and is at present a slight but tolerably agreeable picture

Dec: 18. 1833

Size: 10in x 12in 

Sold £2.10s

Mr. E. Parkes. Birmingham

See No 71

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