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Private Collection

No 173

Scene at Offchurch Bury

Painted simply with oil. The sky being pale ultramarine with nut oil (Pierce's) and the landscape linseed

Size 19in x 13in 

January 14th 1841

 Mr. E. Parkes in exchange for another picture.


No 174 .jpg

No 174

Scene in Stoneleigh Park. Painted up at once- whiting ground very fine was used in this picture, this being the first occasion in which entered my practice 

Size 19in x 13in 

 January 26th 1841

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £5.15s May 1841


No 175

Distant view of Coventry from the high ground at Stretton. Whiting was used in small quantity from the sky to the foreground

Oil on canvas

Size 13in x 9in 

February 1841

Sold to Mr  Oakley £3.10s

Private Collection

Detail of No 175

Showing T.BAKER. 1841 inscribed on the wall


No 176

Scene on the Avon between Blackdown Mill and Guy's Cliff. Linseed oil and Whiting used.

Size 14in x 9 1/2in 

March 26th  1841

Sold to Mr. Moseley of Derby £5


No 177

View of Haddon Hall Derbyshire

Painted (with slight exceptions) up at once; Linseed oil was used, and in the landscape whiting in modest quantity.

Size 19in x 13in

Painted May  1841

Sold to Mr. C. Hawker £6.6s December 1841 


No 178

Distant view of Ryton and Coventry a repetition of No 171 on a larger scale. The only alteration made was placing the horizon lower on the canvas. With exception of the sky and extreme distance this was painted up at once Linseed oil and in the nearer parts of the landscape whiting was used

Size 19in x 13in 

June 18th 1841

Sent to Birmingham July 26th 1841

Varnished with Mastic July 19th 1842

Sent to Newcastle - upon - Tyne July 22nd 1842

Sold £12 including frame


No 179

No 176 repeated of the same size and similar materials. The tree on the right of the group was painted on the sky too early (the day after the sky) and cracked immediately on drying - a change was made in the sky from the first picture, more cloud in shadow being introduced more particularly on the left

Size 14in x 9 1/2in

July 2nd 1841

Isinglass varnished May 14th / 42

Sent to Newcastle - upon - Tyne July 19th 1843

Parted with August 1862 to Mr. Lapworth


No 180

Part of Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

This was painted at once, or nearly so. Correction touches merely being added. It is in simple oil paint without dryer any other mixture

Size 19in x 13in 

Painted Sept 27th  1841

Isinglass - and varnished with Mastic, July 20th 1842

Sent to Manchester July 22nd 1842

Painted over this in 1862. See 791


No 181

Nearly a repetition of  No 148 painted in 1839 of the Matlock High Tor.

This was pretty well painted up at once, the sky and distance with oil and the nearer parts  with Meguilp. On a few correcting touches on the right side the Boracic Silica medium was used

Size 18 1/4in x 12in 

October 9th 1841

Sold to Mr. Charles Hawker £5.10s December 1841



Digital image by courtesy of the Paul Mellon Centre  PA-F07236-0007

No 182

Lane at Radford

On mahogany prepared with oil paint. 

A slight sketchy first painting was necessary to overcome the smoothness of the ground;  in both stages "Boracic Silica Medium" (Waring & Dimes) was used. This is the first picture I have completed using this material. 

Size 9 3/4in x 7 3/4in 

October 26th  1841

Isinglass Varnished with Mastic

Sent to Birmingham August 22nd 1842

Sold £5 including frame

Provenance Anon sale Phillip Blenstock Houses 21st November 1983


No 183

Lane at Radford.

On canvas painted up at once, with the Boracic Silica Medium. The trees painted into the wet colour of the sky.

From the same sketch as 182 

Size 12in x 10in

November 1841

Isinglass Varnished May 12th / 42

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £3


Number 184.jpg

No 184

Scene near Offchurch Bury including what's called Brobson's Bridge

On canvas: a white oil paint ground being laid over another half-finished picture.

The Boracic Silica Medium is used throughout the picture, excepting the weeds where the simple colour prevailed.

Size 19in x 13in 

Dec 6th  1841

Sold to Mr. Hooper £6 March 24th 1842


No 185

Scene at Wappenbury

Painted on canvas, white oil paint ground on an abandoned picture.

The Boracic Silica Medium used throughout.

Size 19in x 13in 

Painted Dec 6th  1841

Isinglass Varnished May 12th / 42

Sent to Newcastle - upon - Tyne July 22nd 1842

Given to my sister Lucy


No 186

Nearly a repetition of No 169 but the canvas less crowded with foliage in the upper parts of the subject. Painted up at once with the simple paints, without dryer or any addition.

Size 14in x 10in 

Dec 26th  1841

Isinglass Varnished with Mastic

Sent to Birmingham August 22nd 1842

Sent to Newcastle - upon - Tyne July 19th 1843

Sold Mr. James White Jun £4.4s 

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