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No 88

.From a sketch made in Stoneleigh Park

This picture was painted in the Summer of 1835 which date it bears. I have now devoted two days to toning it, having been at first hastily painted. January 1836 

Size 19in x 13in

Sent to Leeds with Nos 72, 80 and 85

April 7th/36

Sold at Leeds 10 guineas 1836


No 89

.From a sketch made in the Deer Park Stoneleigh 

Size 19in x 13in

February 1836

To Mr. Thos. Paternoster in exchange


No 90

Scene on the Avon at Wolston (or rather Brandon) the sketch being made on the Brandon side of the river not far from the site of the ancient castle of that name

Size 12in x 10in

Painted April 24th 1836

Varnished Sept 27th 1836

Sent to the British Institution with Nos 95,99, and 102,  Jan 5th 1837.

Sent to Edinburgh Dec 13th 1837

Sold in Edinburgh 6 guineas with frame


No 91

.Scene on the River Leam, a mile or so above Leamington

Size 19in x 13in

April 24th 1836

Sent to Manchester with Numbers 55, 78 and 95. July 30th 1836

Returned in December

Sold to Mr. J. White August 1847

Provenance: Brave Fine Art, 21 Enterprise Way Arle Road, Cheltenham GL51 8LZ

Telephone:  01684 215986


Bravw art 1.JPG


No 92

From a sketch made in Norway by J.G.Jackson

Size 13in x 9in

April 28th 1836

To Mr. R. P. Noble in exchange for a drawing.


No 93

Scene on the Leam near Offchurch.

May 8th 1836

Size: 19in x 13in

Sent to Worcester with No.47 

June 16th 1836.

Returned October 22nd /36

Mr Thos. Paternoster, 13 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Sq. In Exchange.



No 94

Scene in Stoneleigh Park, trees principally Scotch firs

Size 19in x 13in

May 16th 1836

Varnished March 8th 1838

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £5

Photo Credit: STAIR Auctioneers & Appraisers


No 95

Scene near Offchurch with the group of elms near Miss Watkins introduced instead of the single one of the true scenes.

Size 30in x 25in

June 16th 1836

Sent to Manchester with Nos 55, 78 and 91 July 30th 1836

Returned in December

June 22nd 1827 varnished thinly a few drops of Drying oil was added to prevent chilling.

Sent to the British Institute with Nos 99, 90 and 102, Jan 5th 1837 


No 96 

This is nearly a copy of 89. The sky and distant parts only differ  

September 20th 1836. Sent to Glasgow July 22nd 1837. Returned December 27th 1837.

Within the last few days have taken the varnish from the picture and re-painted the sky and corrected other parts. Sky (on this occasion) Ultra: Nut Oil & Turp. July 21st 1840. Sent to Birmingham August 5th 1840, to Edinburgh Dec 24th/40, to Newcastle-upon-Tyne July 22nd 1842, to Dublin April 1844. 

Sold at Dublin £20 with frame.

Awaiting High Res Image


No 97

From a sketch made in the Deer Park Stoneleigh the subject being reversed by the aid of a mirror.  

Size 17in x 11 1/4in

September 20th 1836

Given for a charitable purpose. Oct 4th 1842 

Awaiting High Res Image


No 98

From a sketch at the head of Brothers' Water with a group of Ash trees introduced

Size 19in x 13in

October 8th 1836

Sent to Birmingham July 28th 1837

Returned December 19th 1837

Sent to Glasgow July 24th 1838

Sold at Glasgow £7 


No 99

Scene on the River Brathay near 

Skelwith, Westmoreland

Size 19in x 13in

October 27th 1836

Sent to the British Institution with Nos 90, 95 and 102

Jan 1837.



Awaiting High Res Image

End of Diary One

No 100

The banks of the Avon; Wolston

Size 19in x 13in

October 27th 1836

To Mr.R.P. Noble in exchange for a drawing 

End of Diary One

Diary Two



No 101

From a sketch in the neighbourhood of Grasmere made Midsummer last 

Size 13in x 19in

November 15 1836

Burned this , December 30th 1843. 


No 102

Painted on mahogany from sketches made at Ryton and Holston 

Size 12in x 10in

December 20 1836

Sent to the British Institution with Nos 90, 95, 99, Jan 5th 1837

Sent to Glasgow July 22nd 1837

Sold at Glasgow 6 guineas 

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