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No 9

Copy of No 8 the same size differing little from the originals in colour, more than form, the difference consists the sky and distance are stronger, the tree that overhangs the bridge is warmer and the rocks in front are colder than the original.

Painted January 7th 1831

Sent to Manchester July 23 1832

Returned January 1833 with Nos 2 and 20.

This Mr. Paternoster of London had from me in a deal Sept 1833

Varnished Mastic 


No 10

An upright picture painted on canvas  slightly prepared, from a sketch made in  Virgil's Grove, Leasowes. The sky now painted first with Prussian Blue second time with Ultramarine given me by Breidenbach, Turpentine alone now used to thin my colour, other parts as usual

Size 13in x 19in

January 7th 1831

Sent to London for Somerset House Exhibition March 26th

Sold to Mr. Douvell 8 guineas inc frame May 25th 1832


No 11

Painted from a sketch on the farm at the Castle.

The principal trees are beech, quite Autumnal in their colour. Sky is Ultramarine, the other parts as usual.

Size 13in x 19in 

January 7th  1831


No 12

View looking up the river near Barmouth.

Ultramarine used in the sky the meguilp now used here as is customary.

Size 9in x 13in 

January 1831

Varnished July 19th 1831 with my own Mastic.

July 25th sent to Manchester, 

Exhibited Birmingham 1832 and not sold.

In the future in these notices of materials used any deviation from the old plan will alone be mentioned.


No 13

The sketch from which this was painted was made from the bank of the river close to the bridge in the Vale of Llanillid looking upwards. The sky is painted with Ultramarine Copal and Turpentine, used in that and the distance

Size 29in x 19 1/4in

January 22nd 1831

Exhibited at Birmingham 1832

"The Vale of Llanillid"


No 14

Copied in part from No 1

Mill stream Harborne; principally however the Cows mark it as a copy from this. 

The trees differ very much from the original the sky is cloudy and on the right side of the picture stormy.

Size 13in x 19in 

Sold to Mr. Parkes 5 guineas          March 12th 1831


No 15

An upright picture part of the subject of No 11 and was cut from a larger picture from the same sketch; which disliking conceiving that it would never have been made an interesting piece, I cut up.

June 1831 

Size 13in x 19in

Sold to Mr. Parkes 5 guineas. 

Exhibited at Birmingham 1832 


Number 16.JPG

No 16

A view about two miles up the Valley of Llanillid towards the Falls (Cain and Mawddach)

It was intended an evening effect but during painting has become rather cool. The sky was not clear Ultramarine but mixed with Black and perhaps a little Prussian Blue was used. The Valley is principally in shade; the foreground is rough with rocks and weeds, an elm tree standing high forming a mass of dark colours against the sky, and a group of cows are important parts of the picture 

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £9,  October 1833

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre


No 17

A view of Bala Lake taken about two miles from the town of Bala. The sun is low, being rather cool in colour it would be taken rather for morning than evening

Size 13in x 9in

Sold to Phineas Hussy Esq

3 guineas Wysley Grove June 4th 1831



No 18

A scene on the River Mouddach about two miles and a half above Llanillid at a rather sudden turn of the River. It is painted on Twilled Canvas being the first that I have painted on prepared Canvas for myself since I became of age. In the sky at first ( and throughout the Picture) Prussian Blue was used without Oil or Varnish but merely Turpentine. Afterwards Ultramarine was used thinly on the sky with Turpentine, and White meguilp. July 12th    

Size 13in x 9in

July 25th sent to Manchester.

Exhibited at Birmingham 1832


No 19

Painted on absorbent canvas from a mutilated picture by Vanderveld. The Master however is of my nomination.

In the landscape, Cattle and figures, Sugar of lead ground in Linseed Oil, was used freely 

Size 20in x 16.5in

September 6th 1831

Varnished with Mastic July 27 1833

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes 5 guineas  October 5th 1833


No 20

Painted on twilled canvas. This is a composition.  On the left of the Picture there is a Bank of weeds sketched at Kings Norton, and to the right there is a group of cows standing in water. The tone of the Picture is monotonous. The sky is Prussian Blue with Copal and Turpentine.

Size 29in x 19 1/4in

October 3rd  1831.

March 12th 1832.

This Picture has been almost repainted: the sky is now Ultramarine; the subject altogether made much more full of foliage.

Varnished with my Mastic.

Sent to Manchester July 23rd returning the beginning of January 1833 with Nos 2 and 9.

Sold to E. Parkes 10 guineas Jan 12th 1833


No 21

On Twilled Canvas. From a sketch made on Rubery Hill looking towards Bromsgrove.

It is dark Picture, painted throughout with Sugar of lead ground in Linseed Oil, and the dark Meguilp. The White used, was ground by myself; the Raw white was bought at Thornely's at 1/-  per lb. 

Size 9in x 13in

October 29th 1831

I think Mr. Jonathan Lee of Cheltenham had this in exchange for prints.


No 22

On twilled canvas.  From a watercolour drawing made on the Lodge Hill, Lodge Farm, Northfield. The effect is intended  for morning. The principal trees are Oak, of Autumnal colour; the foreground is mangel-wurzel in which there are game dogs with a sportsman who just shows himself approaching them.

Size 13in x 19in

October 29th 1831

Given to my brother William

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