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No 310

The Ford at Kenilworth, looking towards the Castle.

On coarse twill canvas.

Painted with Copal varnish throughout in finishing it was diluted with Nut Oil. The picture weak & unsatisfactory.

Size 30in x 20in

Painted January 1849

Sold to Mr. Hooper 


No 311

View of Kenilworth Castle from the west.

Painted with Copal with Nut Oil about equal quantities

Size 19in x 13in

Painted January 1849

Sold August 1850 to Mr. Josiah Mason


No 312

The Old Kenilworth Road at the Sandy Hill.

(Painted with Copal diluted with Nut Oil)

Size 19in x 13in

Sent to Birmingham July 6th 1849

Sold to Mr. J. White May 1850



No 313

Painted from two studies of old oaks

in  Packington Park. Copal and Nut Oil used.

Size 30in x 25in

Painted March  1849

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition July 1849

Sold to the Earl of Aylesford £21 with old frame

Photo Credit: Private Collection


No 314

Distant view of the Western side of Kenilworth Castle.

Varnished in February 

Copal with Nut Oil used

Size 19in x 13in

 March  1849


No 315

The Ford Kenilworth Castle, the effect is of sunset in Autumn, tone of colour reddish orange and not very agreeable.

Copal with Nut - Oil the vehicle used.

Size 24in x 18in

Painted March  1849

Photo Credit: Private Collection


Chisties London, Sale Victorian Pictures 1st June 1984, Lot 37, size 45.1cm x 59.7cm, signed and dated, and illustrated on page 18 of the catalogue.Estimate £1,500 to £2,000. Lot Not Sold


No 316

Part of Kenilworth Castle, viewed from the East.

Painted with Nut -Oil & Copal 

Size 14in x 10in

Painted April 3rd 1849

Varnished with mastic May 28th

Sent to Manchester May 30th / 49

Sent to Leicester November 1849

Sold August 1850

Mr Josiah Mason


No 317

Strainer omitted to be numbered.

View of the eastern side of Kenilworth Castle, from the meadow beside the brook. A group of Oaks on the left, inserted in lieu of Sycamores belonging to the scene, as also an old stump of an Ash on the right

Size 30in x 20in

Sold to Mr Hooper £12, May 1st 1849

A very small quantity of Meguilp of pale colour was used in this picture


No 318

Scene at Ashow including the church. This picture is little wanting in colour, the oak in the middle inclining too much to Black.

A small amount of meguilp used.

Size 24in x 18in

May 6th  1849

Sold August 17th 1850


No 319

From studies of old oaks in the park of Earl Aylesford: in some measure a repetition of 313,

with the introduction of a few cattle.

June 1849

Linseed oil mastic used in small quantity.

Size 30in x 25in

Sold to Mr. Hooper


Baker copy.jpg

No 320

Felled timber - from a sketch made        at Radford some years since.

The sky of this probably painted with  a small quantity of Copal, in the    landscape a little Linseed oil 

 (fat from age) was used.

Size 24in x 18in

June 17th  1849

Sold to Mr. Hooper

Photo Credit: Private Collection

Detail No 320.jpg

Detail of No 320

signature with date T.BAKER. 1849


No 321

Scene in Hagley Park, Malvern Hills in the distance.

Linseed - oil mastic in small quantity used. 

Size 19in x 13in

Painted July 1849

Sold £10 without frame

Henry Bradley Esq


No 322

Water-mill Breckonshire.

(Vehicle, Linseed-Oil Mastic in very moderate quantity) 

Size 24in x 18in

Painted August  1849

Sold August 1850

Mr. Josiah Mason


No 323

Scene on the Wye

(Nut-oil mastic in moderate quantity)   

Size 19 1/8in x 13 1/8in

Painted September  1849

Varnished lightly August 7th 1851

Sold to Mr Hewett October 1849 

Sent to Manchester August 7th 1851

Sold Manchester 12 guineas with frame


No 324

The Ford at Kenilworth

Nut-oil mastic used

Size 19in x 13in

Painted September  1849

Sold to Mr. R. Houddon, Birmingham 


No 325

Scene in the upper part of Holly - Walk.

Vehicle Nut-oil mastic

Size 14in x 10in

Painted September  1849

To Worcester July 1850

Sold Jan: 1851

 Mr Henry Wallis

£3 no frame 


No 326

Scene on the Wye below Rhayader.

Linseed-oil mastic used

Size 19in x 13in

Painted October  1849

Sold to Mr Enoch


No 327

Scene on the Wye.

Linseed - oil mastic used moderately

Size 19in x 13in

Painted October  1849

Varnished with mastic a few drops of Nut-oil mastic added

Sent to the British Institution January 4th 1850

Rejected at the British Institution

Sent to Worcester July 1850

Sold at Worcester November 1850

10 guineas with frame


No 328

Scene on the Wye, Cradle Mountain in the distance

Linseed oil - mastic used 

Size 30in x 20in

Painted October  1849

Sold October 1850 to Mr. Henry Wallis £12.10s no frame


No 329

Scene on the Wye, above Rhayader

Linseed oil - mastic used. 

Size 30in x 20in

Painted October  1849

Varnished lightly Nov 15th

Sent to Leicester Nov 1849

Sent to Dublin April 1850 

Sold October 1850 to Mr. Henry Wallis


No 330

Scene on the Avon at Milverton

Copal with Nut-oil used 

Size 19in x 13in

Painted November  1849

Varnished with Nut-oil Mastic diluted with Turps

December 3rd 1849

Sold  Mr R. Haddon Birmingham 1850


No. 331 1849.jpg

 Digital image by courtesy of the Paul Mellon Centre PA-F07236 

No 331

Scene at Milverton on the Avon at the "Dropping Well"

A repetition of 297 with the light admitted from the right. Painted on coarse thready canvas. A little meguilp used.

November 1849

Varnished with nut-oil Mastic.

December 3rd 1849.

Sold to Mr. Hooper

February 1850


Provenance: Sotheby's sale 31st March 1981. 

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