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No 143

On strong twilled Canvas.

From  sketches of a scene near Pont Aberglaslyn N. W.

Sky and great part of the distance, French Blue

Nos 30, 40 and 75 were painted from these sketches

Size 24in x 21in 

March 18th 1839

Varnished slightly April 9th with mastic a little colour was used Pink Madder & Burnt Pink principally. 

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £9



No 144

Scene in Stoneleigh Park.

In this Picture Mastic Varnish was used as a vehicle instead of Meguilp, not quite to the exclusion of my old vehicle

Size 12in x 10in

March 27th 1839

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £3 April 8th 1839

Photo Credit Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum


No 145

Scene near Ashorne.

Used White meguilp in toning and scumbling on this picture from the sky to the foreground, the picture having been painted with the meguilp generally used in moderate quantity.

Size 13in x 9in 

March 27th 1839

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £2.10s

April 8th 1839


Photo Credit  Birmingham Museums Trust

No 146

From sketches in Stoneleigh Park from one of which No 144 was painted.

Another subject had been commenced on the canvas and painted out with light colours on which the present subject has been finished. The quantity of paint on the canvas is in consequence much greater than usual. Mastic Varnish used frequently as white. 

Size 30in x 25in

May 15th 1839

To Birmingham July 15th 1839

Varnished with Copal diluted with oil & Turpentine Dec 1839

Sold at Birmingham to E. D. Ford Esq, Stratford on Avon

£20 Guineas including frame.

The "Art Union" and "Midland Counties Advertiser' states the price at 25 Guineas. The price around for it was £25 when sent for exhibition.                                                                 


No 147

Distant view of Warwick from the bank of the River

Sky Ultra 20/-, Pink Madder and Vandyck Brown used in the shadow of the Clouds. Pink Madder and Naples Yellow in the lights - Mastic used in small quantity in the sky, now liberally in the foreground. 

Size 13in x 9in

May 17th 1839

Varnished withMastic June 15th / 39

To Birmingham July 15th 1839

Varnished a second time My Mastic diluted with Turp, Jan 1st 1840 

1 coat Isinglass, and thin Mastic May 8th 1840 

To Dublin April 1844

Sold with frame 6 Guineas


No 148

From sketches made at Matlock this Summer.

Sky is Ultramarine (£4 from Morris's)

a little Mastic used. The High-Tor- Cobalt Blue - Mastic Varnish and what Field calls "gumtion" the vehicles throughout the Picture

Size 29 1/4in x 19 1/4in 

August 2nd 1839.

Varnished Oil & Turpentine used to Dilute the Cobalt Nov 19th 1839

Sent to Edinburgh December 1839. Sold there March 1840 £20


No 149

Scene in Borrowdale Cumberland. From the same sketch as No 120 was painted.

Attempted to use as a vehicle a mixture of Spirit and Mastic Varnishes: in quantity of one part of the Lac to two of mastic.

Abandoned this in the nearer parts because it was rather unmanageable and became dim in a short time. Finished the remainder of the picture with mastic, and when glazing was necessary used White Meguilp or gumtion.

For sketch of subject see No. 120. 

Size 19in x 13in 

August 3rd 1839

Varnished, Copal diluted with Oil and Turpentine Nov 19

1 coat Isinglass and thin Mastic May 8th 1840

Photo Credit:  Exhibited at Haynes Fine Art- Cotswolds & London


NUMBER 150 View of Warwick.jpeg

No 150

Scene distant view of Warwick

The vehicle used throughout the Picture is Copal Varnish diluted with Turp: perhaps not in the Dead Colours.

Sky was attempted to be finished with Copal, but afterwards painted on thinly with Ultramarine.

Size 12in x 10in 

September 1st 1839

Varnished with Copal Nov 12th/39

To Mr. J. White  Broker of Birmingham

in exchange for a gun. Value £3.

November 1839

Photo Credit: Mallams Auctioneers - Oxford 


Mallams, Oxford 27th February, 2019

Sale The Picture Sale lot 149

'A Distant View of Warwick'

oil on canvas, 24cm x 29cm

signed and dated T. BAKER. 1839

Price £2,600 Hammer 


No 151

Lane scene at Snitterfield before painted.

See No 138.

On Canvas of smooth surface, the India Rubber I believe. 

The Picture is painted throughout with Copal Varnish & Turpentine, sometimes a little Linseed Oil added. Sky in Ultramarine

Size 22in x 17in 

September 12th 1839

Removed the Water Varnish and renewed it. Varnished with Mastic on the same day      March 6th 1840. Took off these completely October 15th 1840. Simple jelly of Isinglass rubbed on and varnished with mastic. Feb 12th 1842


No 152

Part of the High Tor in Matlock Dale.

Vehicle used a strong mixture of Copal and Turpentine.

The distant wood and a few other parts glazed - the white gumtion used

Size 19in x 13in  Painted September 12th 1839

Varnished with Water Varnish Dec 1st 1839.

Water varnish removed and the preparation of Isinglass used Mastic upon this. May 4th 1840

Photo Credit Private Collection

End of Diary Two

Diary Three


number 153.JPG

No 153

On absorbent canvas

From sketches made in Stoneleigh Park and Packington Park 

Sky Ultra with very small quantity of Copal. The vehicle changed on the progress of the Picture, Gumtion, Meguilp, Copal with Oil & Turps and sometimes Mastic used. As their powers of drying are nearly hallmark, and the canvas itself has a tendency to equalise them it may be permanent. 

Size 31in x 24in 

Painted for Mr. Du Bois de Ferrières of Belgium  November 22nd 1839.

£18 without frame

£1 over was sent to cover expenses of box and postage, as these expenses are usually thrown upon me, the picture in fact sold for £19 December 27th / 39


No 154

View of High Tor Matlock Derbyshire.

Painted on mahogany with little preparation with the exception of the sky the grain of the wood is quite apparent. Copal Varnish is used throughout the Picture, in the sky in moderate quantity in the more distant parts of the landscape diluted with Oil & Turps: in the nearer parts Bees Wax was added with the intention of fixing the touches but not successful as the dark colours still moved.  

Size 19in x 13in 

Painted November 24th 1839

Two courses of the preparation of Isinglass, and varnished with Mastic. April 4th 1840 

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes £5.5s May 1844 


No 155

Foot bridge near Guy's Cliff.

Sky, French Blue, Turps. No dryer used in the last colour. French Blue is used quite through the Picture. It was my intention to use Mastic as the vehicle but in those parts where glazing and toning with semi-transparent colour was wanted Linseed Oil was added and in one or two parts Meguilp of pale drying oil. 

This is painted on millboard prepared with a ground of white paint

Size 12in x 10in

November 29th 1839

Water varnish and Mastic upon that, latter end of March 1840.

Removed this entirely October 16th 1840

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