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No 52

From a sketch made in 1830 near Kenilworth

including part of the Castle, quite distant however. This was painted before Miss Hill at Miss Byerley's, Stratford on Avon.

Prussian Blue was used at first in the sky, but in my room Ultramarine was used thinly all over, and the clouds as they now appear, were then painted. Brown Meguilp in other parts.

Painted Jan 22nd 1834

Size: 9in x 13in

Mr. Hewett in exchange for prints; and other considerations.

Value, 3 guineas without frame

Photo Credit: Bonhams London


Bonhams London, sale Home and Interiors, 

19th December 2017.

'Landscape with Cattle, castle bejond.

signed T. BAKER. lower right, il on canvas, 23cmx33cm

Sold for £625 inc premium.


No 53

From a sketch made in the Autumn of last year on the River Leam a little above Leamington.

This was commenced at Smethwick, before Miss Keywood, but principally painted in my room at Leamington

Cobalt was used in the Sky, at Smethwick, afterwards Ultramarine with Nut Oil and Turpentine. Remainder meguilp.

Size 13in x 19in

Painted January 22nd 1834

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition Aug 16 1834. Sold April 3rd 1848 to Mr F. H. Henshaw


No 54

View looking up the Holly Walk, Leamington, near the top: a nice shady lane scene liked by those who have seen it and something of a favourite with myself

On canvas prepared by myself with white and Indian Red.

Sky painted first with Ultramarine, Copal and Turpentine afterwards toned with Ultramarine, Nut Oil and Turpentine.

Size 9in x 13in

Painted February 5th 1834

Sold £5 incl frame to Mr O. Oakley Feb 21st 1836


No 55

From a sketch made at Leamington looking across a road called Newbold Terrace with my back towards Newbold Road. A group of Ash trees by the side of the water form the principal mass in the picture, which is completed by a hedge row with timber and an old hovel at a little distance

The canvas, manner of painting etc are the same as 54 indeed in every way they may 

well be called companion pictures 

Size 9in x 13in

Painted March 1834

Sent to Manchester with Nos 78 , 91 and 95 July 30 1836

Sold at Manchester  5gns with frame 


No 56

Scene on the River Wnion

near the Bala Road about 4 miles from Dolgelly N.W. It includes Cader Idris

Size 13in x 19in

Painted April 14th 1834

Sent to Manchester with Nos 58, 61 and 63 July 23 1834

Sold in Manchester 10gns incl frame to 

A. Stranger Esq.


No 57

View of  ( I believe) Rydal Water from an old black and white study from one of Green's sketches.

This has been painted rather hastily, has rather a watercolour air:- but in my opinion not a bad picture.

Sky, Ultramarine first time I attempted to finish it, Copal and Turpentine second, only mixing my white with  Turpentine    remainder meguilp.

Size 9in x 13in

Painted April 14th 1834

Sold to Mr. Edwin Parkes Birmingham


No 58

View on the River Leam, an evening effect or rather afternoon. Both sides of the River are occupied by Pollard Willows; on the left the one nearest to the eye is grouped with an Ash; on the left too is a lad engaged angling

Sky Ultramarine  Copal and Turpentine.  

Size 13in x 19in

Painted April 14th 1834

Sent to Manchester with Nos 56, 61 and 63 July 23. 1834.

Sold in Manchester 10gns incl frame to

Thos; Markland Esq.


No 59

An upright picture from a sketch at Weston in Arden a part of  Weston Hall introduced on the right, on the left are Elm Trees and in front there is a little water.

Ultramarine used twice on the sky, the last time with Nut Oil and Turp. 

Size 10in x 12in

Painted at first before Miss Phipson, Edgbaston.  May 13th 1834

Sent to Leeds with Nos 48 and 49    May 14th / 34. 

Sold 5gns including  frame


No 60

From a sketch made on the River Mawddach three miles from Dolgelly

This picture was commenced at Stratford on Avon before Miss Hill, afterwards in my room. The tone of the Sky and distant parts, is cool; giving an effect belonging to the early part of the day but scarcely what painters would call morning.

Size 19in x 13in

May 28th 

Today I have introduced three figures October 30 1834.

Varnished Jan 21st 1835 

Sold  10gns incl frame


No 61

Painted before Miss Simms at Birmingham from a sketch on the River Wnion near Dolgelly on twilled canvas.

Afterwards having lain more than a year in my Room it has been taken up and newly re-painted.

Size 15in x 10in

 June 24th 1834

Sent to Manchester with Nos 56, 58, and 63 July 23rd 1834. Returned later in December with No 63.

Varnished Dec 30th 1834. Sold £5 incl frame to Mr. William Phipson          May 22nd 1835. 


No 62

View of Guy's Cliff house (the house not important in the picture) painted for Mr. Hewett Leamington.

Size 13in x 9in

 July 12th 1834.

Mr. E Parkes has this now Nov 19th 1834 


No 63

From a very slight sketch made between Llanrwst and Conway. This picture was painted in 1832 but was omitted in these notices accidentally

Size 15in x 10in

July 1834 sent to Manchester with 56, 58 and 61,

July 23rd 1834.

Returned with No 61 late in December 

Varnished December 30 / 34.

Painted over in 1840. See 160


No 64

From a  sketch made last Autumn             on the Leam a group of cattle introduced in the foreground. At present the picture is brownish this most likely will be altered.* 

Size 29in x 19 1/4in

Painted August 15th 1834

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition Aug 16th 1834. Sold 15 guineas incl frame to 

Revd. Mr. Bridges Henstridge near Shaftsbury, Dorsetshire.

*The brownish was corrected before it left me for Henstridge. 


No 65

On a bit of old oak. From a sketch made on the foot bridge, near the Mill Leamington

Size 8in x 6in

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition

 Aug 16th 1834.

Mr E. Parkes


No 66a

Painted on oak, similar to No 65 from a sketch by Miss Price of Harborne not followed very strictly.

Size 8in x 6in

Painted August 15th 1834.

Sent to Birmingham Exhibition August 16th.

Sold to Mr Joseph Walker

£4 inc frame


No 66b

Commenced before

Miss M.A.Peterson in Leamington.  From a sketch made on the road between Trawsfynydd and Dolgelly  3 1/2miles from the former place. The effect is that of morning

Size 13in x 9in

Painted August 30th 1834

Mr. E. Parkes purchased this

Nov 18th / 34



No 67

Painted before Miss Bowley, Handsworth.

 From a slight sketch made up the Valley of Llanillid or rather from a watercolour made of that sketch

Sky is painted with Cobalt.

Size 13in x 9in

 September 2nd 1834.

Varnished with Mastic Jan 1st 1835.

Sent to the British Institution with Nos 72 and 74.  January 7th 1835. Sold to Sir Herbert Taylor 5 guineas incl frame.


No 68

Painted before Miss Phipson, Edgbaston.

Composed from two sketches, one made in Newbold Wood-Walk, Leamington and the other in the Leasowes

Size 12in x 10in

September 2nd 1834

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes                 

Nov 18th 1834  £2.10s


No 69

Painted before Miss M. A. Peterson.

View of Cader Idris from the banks of the River Wnion 5 miles above Dolgelly

Size 13in x 9in

Painted October 30th  1834

Sold to Mr. E. Parkes May 18th /34


No 70

Portrait of an old oak tree at Milverton. Painted for Mr Hewett.

First colour  on the sky was Ultramarine with Copal and Turps; second colour Ultramarine with Black; Turps.

Parts  of the figures; where Lake and Burnt Pink are used do not dry well.

Size 13in x 10in

Painted October 30th  1834

Sold £2.10.0 no frame.

I have today painted on the middle distant trees, which were a little heavy and solid, and slightly touched other parts. March 15th 1838. Varnished with copal diluted with oil & turps. 

Nov. 19 1839 


No 71

Painted before Mr E.J.Maude.

Scene in the Vale of Llanillid including part of Cader Idris.

Size 12in x 10in

Painted October 30th  1834

Sold Mr. E Parkes Nov 18 1834



This must be the same with 51

Nov 19  1837 

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